Leadership & Team Building Program
Camp Burton is a great place to bring your youth group or office staff for a fun day of team building. Groups with up to 100 participants can be accommodated for half, full day, or multiple day challenge adventures. Camp has several low ropes courses and high element challenges. Our trained staff is experienced in group dynamics, communication development, course facilitation, and safety/medical issues.

High Elements:
Climbing Tower - a 42' climbing and rappelling tower and a 30', five- lane, indoor climbing/bouldering wall. Team Ascent - a 53' outdoor team element that rockets you into the sky while relying on your teammates (a.k.a. the "Flying Squirrel").

Team Challenge Courses:
Pinnacle - the most challenging course. • Commando Crawl • Heebee-Jeebee • Triangle Tension Traverse • Loop 2 Loop Collision - high team involvement with 5 moderate level elements • Giant’s Necklace • Switcheroo • Tire Traverse • Multi Lane • Shuttle Platform Maximus - over 150 feet through 7 stages of team and individual elements, our biggest challenge course. • Fixed Log • Kitten Crawl • 2 Line Traverse • Swinging Log • Sliding Tension Traverse • Double Wild Woozy

Team Challenge Elements:
Nitro Crossing - get to the other side without losing a team member. Beam - can your entire group get over the beam without leaving anyone behind? Spider’s Web - get everyone through the nylon web without touching any strands. Trust Fall - learn to rely on your teammates. Multiple Log Elements - communicate better with those around you while accomplishing many tasks. All Aboard - can you all get on the platform and count to three? With plenty of team building scenarios and exercises, we will customize a fun experience to achieve your group’s objectives.

For more information or to schedule your group, contact us at (440) 834-8984 or mail@campburton.org.

Come to Camp Burton where it’s fun to DISCOVER, CONNECT, and GROW!
Camp Burton is open year-round and is an ideal setting for weekend retreats, outdoor education, seminars, team building programs, worship experiences, and many other activities.

We can provide food service, over-night accommodations and fully equipped meeting spaces for up to 200 people. Our gymnasium allows you to have fun in any type of weather with basketball, volleyball, four square courts, and a rock climbing wall.

Camp also has five excellent low rope challenge courses, a paintball field, 53' high climbing tower, and a 400' zip line.

Plus, there are trails leading through our woods that provide plenty of space to roam and relax while enjoying God's wonderful creation. For more information or to make a reservation contact us at: (440) 834-8984 or mail@campburton.org.

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