Camp Photos

People singing and worshipping
Zipline tower
Event at camp burton
Group of children with a first place trophy
People in a circle holding candles
Goofy girls making faces :)
Children on the swingset
Children in canoes on the lake
worship and music
Teen boys sitting on the side of the pool at camp burton
Getting on the ropes course
Teen boys hanging out at the pool
Big group at a camp event
Boy smiling with his bow and arrow
A group of very muddy children
A group of girls
Muddy girls!
Group of young people at the lakeside
Joy at Camp Burton
Girls Bible study
Hanging out on the zipline
Low ropes course in the snow
Roasting marshmallows
Boys at winter camp
two teen girls in Photo booth #CBWinterCamp
Group photo after playing in the snow
Young ladies sharing a meal at Camp Burton
Wall painted with blocks of color and a quote of Isaiah 40:31
Group of boys at Camp Burton
Two teen girls posing with silly eye black
Girls group with a PVC pipe square
Girls smiling with their leader outside of the chapel
Meeting after playing in the pool
Two young ladies posing outside at camp burton
Two boys smiling
Exploring the ropes course with a group of teens
A group with candles
Two girls and a woman smiling
Group lesson
Teens playing in the sand
Two boys making silly faces at the ropes course
A group of teens on the beach
adults playing a game by the campfire
Notes around the cross
Excited to go on the pipe slide
Mother and son at family camp
Group of children at winter camp
Girl in a panda hat
Eating s'mores
aluminum foil snow ball
Two girls in photo booth #CBWinterCamp
Laying hands on a mission worker
Colorful bounce house at Camp Burton event
Two girls holding candles at a special event
Teen girls smiling at Camp Burton
Special event at the camp burton pool
Goofy boys making faces :)
Funny poses waiting for a turn on the zipline
Bunk rooms at camp burton
Learning archery
A group of young people at Camp Burton
A group of children holding candles
Teen boy lounging in the pool
Family at a cowboy photo booth
Kids with life vests
jumping into the pool
Five girls hold hands and jump into the pool
four girls with camp burton signs they drew
Climbing wall
Four boys at the volleyball court
three children with stuffed animals at family camp
Rock wall climbing
Girls drinking hot chocolate
Keeping warm at winter camp
Fun and games at winter camp
Three girls in photo booth #CBWinterCamp
Big colorful slide at Camp Burton event
Group of children
Boys holding candles at a special camp burton event
Baptism at Camp Burton
Group of teen boys at the camp burton lake
Girls smiling outside of the chapel
Teen girls smiling at the lake
a bunch of boys making silly faces for the camera
Rope swing
Family activities at camp burton
Family with a small boy smiling at an event
Worship time outside at Camp Burton
Playing in the pool
a man and two children
Three teen girls in a canoe
Four men at an event
Teens hanging out at the pool
Group of people with yellow shirts
Spotting one another on the low ropes course
a father adding wood to the campfire at family camp
Bible study
Building a snowman
Group hug
Get to know you team game
Teen in photo booth #CBWinterCamp